Coues Composite

Coues Composite | Darren Choate

This composite photo is one of my favorites. The image was made by merging several trail-camera photos in Photoshop. The buck on the left — which I named ‘Big Boy’ — had been in the area for several years. I was able to capture the buck many times on this camera but never saw the buck personally. I hunted this site myself and with friends and family for three years in hope of taking ‘Big Boy’ but it never happened. The buck on the right was a solid up-and-comer that frequented this site with several larger bucks, including these two. The buck in the middle I aptly named ‘G2’ because of the small point on his G2. The year before this picture was taken, a friend of mine sent an arrow at this buck to no avail, while I filmed for Season One of The following year, I was able to take ‘G2’ from the stand where I am positioned in the upper-lefthand corner of this photo. The Coues whitetail gross scored 104″ after the drying period. Unfortunately, I ended up being encroached upon by several bad seeds — I had a couple trail-cameras stolen — so I moved on.