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Although I live in the West, I enjoy hunting across the US and sharing the experiences of my hunting adventures as an outdoor writer. I write it all: hunting forecasts, interviews, how-tos, short stories, features, and columns. My articles have appeared in Cabela’s Outfitter Journal, Whitetail JournalRocky Mountain Game & Fish, Quality Whitetails, goHUNT, and of course, Western Whitetail to name a few. I am also a voting member of the Professional Outdoor Media Association (POMA).

Editor In Chief
I am the founder, managing partner, and Editor In Chief of Western Whitetail magazine.

Western Whitetail
Website: www.westernwhitetail.com


  • “Speed for the Little Guy” Whitetail Journal, Scheduled for 2017
  • “Treestands for Coues: Safety & Comfort” Western Whitetail, Hunting Annual 2015
  • “Summer Trophy Search” Western Whitetail, Preseason 2014
  • “The Coues Whitetail” Western Whitetail, Early Season 2014
  • “Hunt Coconino Elk” Rocky Mountain Game & Fish, November 2014
  • “Back Country Rifle” Western Whitetail, Winter 2013
  • “Coues Super Sets” Western Whitetail, Fall 2013
  • “Prepare Now For Fall Success” Western Whitetail, Summer 2013
  • “Bucket List Whitetails” Western Whitetail, Spring 2013
  • “Photos Of The Hunt” Western Whitetail, Winter 2012
  • “High Country Coues” Western Whitetail, Fall 2012
  • “Trophy Hunting: Part 1 – Where Do You Draw the Line?” Western Whitetail, Fall 2012
  • “10 Tips For Coues” Western Whitetail, Summer 2012
  • “Long Range Shooting – Where Do You Draw the Line?” Western Whitetail, Summer 2012
  • “The Game Plan” Western Whitetail, Spring 2012
  • “Trail-cameras – Where Do You Draw the Line?” Western Whitetail, Spring 2012
  • “The Grey Ghost” Quality Whitetails, August/September 2011
  • “New Mexico Mule Deer Through the Seasons Muleys” Rocky Mountain Game & Fish, July/August 2012
  • “Go Early for Coues Whitetail” Western Whitetail, October 2011
  • “Rocky Mountain Elk Forecast” Rocky Mountain Game & Fish, September 2011
  • “Hide & Seek Elk Scouting” Fur-Fish-Game, August 2011
  • “Elk Tracks, A Legend, and Me” Your National Forests, Summer/Fall 2011
  • “Long Range Shots: Where Do You Draw the Line?” Western Whitetail, July 2011
  • “Just A Dream Coues Hunt” Western Whitetail, July 2011
  • “Warm Up To A Winter Deer Hunt” Cabela’s Outfitter Journal, December 2010
  • “Bottom Line Bears” Rocky Mountain Game & Fish, October 2010
  • “Backcountry Coues Deer” Hunting Fitness Magazine, September-October 2010
  • “2010 Arizona-New Mexico Deer Hunting Outlook” Rocky Mountain Game & Fish, September 2010
  • “Get In Shape for Your DIY Elk Hunt Today” Hunting Fitness Magazine, July-August 2010
  • “Fitness Vs. Finesse” Cabela’s Outfitter Journal, August 2010
  • “Arizona’s Other Mule Deer” Rocky Mountain Game & Fish, November 2009
  • “Arizona Coues & Mule Deer Outlook” Rocky Mountain Game & Fish, September 2009
  • “The Kaibab: North Vs. South” Rocky Mountain Game & Fish, July/August 2009
  • “Your Year For A Trophy Coues Deer?” Rocky Mountain Game & Fish, November 2008
  • “New Mexico’s Deer Season Outlook” Rocky Mountain Game & Fish, October 2008
  • “Southwestern Bulls In 2008” Rocky Mountain Game & Fish, August 2008
  • “What’s Your 20?” Rocky Mountain Game & Fish, July 2008
  • “Elk Triangles Of The Rocky Mountains” Rocky Mountain Game & Fish, December 2007
  • “My First Trip to Texas: A guide for the non-resident hunter” Real Guns, 2007

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